Kate Lister


Yoga & Music


London, UK

Hi, I'm Kate...

I am an 800-hour-trained vinyasa, mandala and yin yoga teacher (RYT), professional singer and voice coach.

In the balance of these creative practices, I work, play and explore. These are my passions, and I feel lucky to pursue them. 

I see every single one of us as innately creative, and I'd like my life to be about encouraging that creativity to thrive and evolve within myself and in others. I believe in the wisdom of our bodies, the innate connection of all living things, and that life is best not taken too seriously...

If you're interested in joining me in any of those things, come to a class, workshop or retreat, find out more about one-to-one voice or yoga tuition, or just drop me a line:


Retreat Update!

CORFU, 15-22nd September: 3 spots left...
BALI, 13-20th October: 1 spot now available!



Bookings for 2019 (Morocco, Portugal, Sri Lanka & France!!) coming soooon...

Life is a symphony, and the action of every person in this life is the playing of his particular part in the music.

- Hazrat Inayat Khan