Kate Lister


Yoga & Music


London, UK

Hi, I'm Kate...

I am an 800-hour-trained vinyasa, mandala and yin yoga teacher, professional singer, songwriter, and holistic voice coach.

In the balance of these creative and connective practices, I work, play and explore. 
These are my passions, and I feel lucky to pursue and share them. 

I believe in the wisdom of our bodies, the power of honest self-expression, the innate connection of all living things, and that life is best not taken too seriously...

If you're interested in joining me in any of those things, come to a class, workshop or retreat, find out more about one-to-one voice or yoga tuition, or just drop me a line:


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Kate’s positive energy is totally alluring and catches like wildfire. She seems to know exactly how everyone is feeling and how to move things accordingly.”

Hannah , yoga student.