Growing up, I planned to be a vet, opera singer, journalist, MI5 officer, actor, human rights activist, naturopathic doctor and chef...

A degree in English Literature was the obvious progression. I still love to write, and regularly do for one reason or another. 

Music has always been a big part of my life; more about that here.

I've been exploring yoga since I was 14. An old book of my Grandma's started it, and it has appeared for me in many forms ever since and has become (predictably, but not religiously) my way of life. More about that here.



I'm a firm believer that if there are any answers to our questions, we hold them ourselves. 

For me, music, yoga and writing give space to explore the questions and answers. I like to chat.

Top photo: Nick Elisseos.
All rights reserved, Kate Lister 2017.